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Executive Profiles

Too much at stake.

Comprehensive insights into an individual's values, beliefs and inclinations.

3Back Executive Profiles (ExPros) provide comprehensive insights into a professional’s values, beliefs and inclinations. Understanding these motivational levers are critical in shaping hiring and fundraising outcomes.

Our researchers execute a comprehensive data scrape to catalog an individual’s digital footprint. We search all publicly-available data and activity on the internet – social media, podcasts, interviews, videos, business registrations, court hearings, documents, patents, publications, media mentions, documents, and hundreds of other data sources.

In addition to a comprehensive annex of research, we create a condensed assessment and timeline of the individual’s personal and professional lives, linked to original data sources. Our profiles reveal the core tenets and fabric of the individual – their passions, motivations, beliefs, leadership strategy, the way they perceive themselves and treat others, their influence and reputation within their industry and several other behavioral indicators.

These profiles support assessment and selection, negotiation strategies, and behavioral analysis needed to assess company leadership.

3Back Profile Sample

NOTE: The above profile is a condensed one-page illustration of consolidated research on an individual, which can be 50+ pages.