We combine behavioral science with open source intelligence to shape culture, talent acquisition, and business development operations.

We provide training, strategy, and operational support to companies shaping our world today.


Comprehensive insights into a professional’s values, beliefs and inclinations.


Great leaders are formless and capable of connecting with anyone under any circumstance.

People Operations

Optimize recruiting operations to reduce costs and create a mission-focused culture.

solve for growth

Leadership Development

Great leaders exhibit high frustration tolerance, communicate effectively, and are indifferent to things that make no difference.

We provide executive coaching and thought partnership to affect immediate growth.

Solving for Growth

Our development efforts enhance a leader’s capacity to influence by revealing their unique psychological strengths. We provide insights related to building and managing highly kinetic relationships. 

We also identify cyclical, maladaptive patterns of behavior that hurt morale and decrease overall effectiveness. Recognizing and honing these elements are vital in building relational currency required for influential leadership.


In the past year, our BIPs have helped our clients raise nearly $200M in venture capital.

Understanding key motivational levers are critical in shaping hiring and fundraising outcomes.

Understanding Motivational Levers

Our researchers execute a comprehensive data scrape to catalog an individual’s digital footprint. We search all publicly-available data and activity on the internet – social media, podcasts, interviews, videos, business registrations, court hearings, documents, patents, publications, media mentions, documents, and hundreds of other data sources.

In addition to a comprehensive annex of research, we create a condensed assessment and timeline of the individual’s personal and professional lives, linked with original data sources. Our profiles reveal the core tenets and fabric of the individual – their passions, motivations, beliefs, leadership strategy, the way they perceive themselves and treat others, their influence and reputation within their industry, among several other behavioral indicators.

These profiles support assessment & selection, fundraising negotiation, and behavioral analysis needed to assess company leadership.

mission-oriented culture

People Operations

Startups hemorrhage money on ineffective and overcomplicated recruiting processes.

We investigate and overhaul recruiting operations and provide cultural audits to reveal what process and values contribute the most to advancing the company mission.

A deep sense of belonging is a must.

Every organization has a pool of unfulfilled talent that goes untapped, leaving compounding growth potential on the table.

People grow when they feel valued for the competencies they bring, and accepted for the people they are. They serve as force multipliers, making everyone around them better, strengthening the company in the process. When authentic purpose aligns with business strategy and decision making, the interests of individual and the organization become one.

Recruiting will make or break your company.

Your ability to recruit and retain talent will determine the success of your company.

An ineffective recruiting process will negatively impact the rest of the organization. If the executive team doesn’t have a unified Talent Management Strategy, there will be confusion among managers, preventing the development of a kinetic talent acquisition program. If there is inconsistent alignment among the recruiting team and hiring managers, there will be a poor understanding of role expectations, causing inefficiencies across all recruiting operational tasks. These “compounding negatives” will drain company cash and morale, two crippling burdens for startups and hyper-growth environments.

Simple, pointed adjustments can have profound effects in the early stages of a startup company. Turn “compounding negatives” into “compounding positives” by implementing simple changes that can be felt throughout the entire organization. Keys to success include executive buy-in, clear communication, and targeted reinforcement.

How many of your employees are recruiters?

All of them.