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Understand. Shape. Influence.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of behavioral scientists and analysts dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions during critical times.

Our approach combines behavioral science with open source intelligence to provide a deep, layered understanding of people and organizations to help innovative companies solve today’s problems.



We combine open source intelligence with behavioral science to affect positive change.



Over the past 12 years, we've operated in 25 countries among 6 industries.



Our professionals are responsive and efficient to ensure maximum impact.


Leadership Development

Great leaders exhibit high frustration tolerance, communicate effectively, and are indifferent to things that make no difference.

Behavioral Intelligence Profiles

Deep psychological insights into one's values, beliefs and inclinations.

People Operations

Your ability to hire and retain essential talent will determine your company’s success. And your culture will determine how long they’ll stay.

Fundraising & Storytelling

How you pitch is how you operate. Investors invest in people who can turn an idea into a thriving business. If you can't pitch, you probably can't run a business.

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Meetings That Matter: How To Make Meetings Slightly Less Awful

Let’s face it, meetings are dreadful. Follow these tips to lead engaging gatherings where things get...

Our Clients

We are proud to partner with these innovative companies and impactful organizations.